General Purchasing Rules

    1.1. E-shop – this e-shop is located at
    1.2. Rules – the rules of using this E-shop.
    1.3. Seller – UAB “LIVESTRA”, registered office address Vasario 16-osios str. 4A-9, LT-44250 Kaunas, legal entity code 305295002, VAT payer code LT100012921210
    1.4. Buyer – any person who purchases goods in the E-shop or uses other services provided by the E-shop.
    2.1. In order to order goods in the E-shop, the buyer must provide the following data: e. postal address, telephone number, address to which the goods will be delivered.
    2.2. Together with the order of goods submitted by the Buyer, these Rules become an agreement concluded between the Buyer and the Seller and are a legal document binding on both parties. The Agreement is considered concluded when the Buyer forms and submits an order for goods in the Electronic Store and the Seller sends a confirmation that the Buyer’s order has been accepted by e-mail specified by the Buyer.
    2.3. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally terminate the sales contract and / or not to execute the sales contract and return the money paid by the Buyer in accordance with these Rules and / or postpone the execution of the sales contract until the circumstances aggravating its execution disappear. and / or actions of third parties The Seller is not able to perform the sales contract by reasonable and accessible means.
    3.1. The prices of the goods in the E-shop and the formed order are indicated in Euros with VAT. The price of the goods valid at the time of ordering applies to the goods.
    3.2. The buyer pays for the goods in one of the following ways:
    3.2.1. Credit card;
    3.2.2. Online banking system;
    3.2.3. Bank transfer;
    3.3. The Seller starts to execute the order of goods after the Buyer pays for the goods and their delivery and the money goes to the Seller’s bank account.
    3.4. The VAT invoice is issued by the E-shop and presented to the Buyer together with the goods, or sent to the e-mail address specified by the Buyer. by mail.
    4.1. The buyer can choose one of the following delivery methods:
    4.1.1. By courier to the address specified by the Buyer;
    4.2. If the items are handed over to a carrier chosen by the Buyer and the Seller has not offered such delivery, the risk provided for in this paragraph shall pass to the Buyer when the items are handed over to the carrier.
    4.3. Delivery terms:
    4.3.1.When ordering the delivery of goods through a courier or parcel delivery service, the goods are delivered to the Buyer taking into account the terms provided by the parcel delivery service (depending on the delivery address).
    4.4. If the ordered goods are not picked up by the Buyer, he must indicate the name of the person who will pick up the goods in the order, and such person must present a valid identity document when picking up the goods.
    4.5. The Buyer, having chosen the method of delivery of goods by courier, undertakes to indicate the exact delivery address of the goods in the Buyer’s e-purchase account and to collect the goods at the delivery time agreed with the courier. The buyer must ensure that the goods are picked up by the buyer or another person to whom the buyer has given the order number at the delivery time agreed with the courier at the delivery address provided at the time of the order.
    4.6. The seller is not responsible for delays in the delivery of goods due to the fault of third parties delivering parcels.
    4.7. If the delivery of the goods is impossible due to the fault of the Buyer, the Seller may terminate the contract of purchase and sale of goods without prior notice. In this case, the Seller shall return the amount paid for the goods to the Buyer within 14 days, deducting the delivery costs incurred by the Seller from that amount.
    4.8. If the Seller fails to perform any of its obligations provided for in these Rules, the Buyer acquires the right to unilaterally terminate the contract of purchase and sale of goods and demand compensation for losses incurred due to improper performance of the Seller’s contractual obligations.
    4.9. The delivery service is subject to the fee specified on the E-shop page “Purchase and delivery policy” and valid at the time of placing the order of goods.
    4.10. If the goods are delivered to the place specified by the Buyer, he has the right to inspect the goods at the moment of receipt, in the presence of a representative of the parcel service (courier), and if a metal container leaks and damage to the goods, he must mark it in the consignment deed or refuse to accept the shipment, informing the Seller about the event within 24 hours. If the Buyer, when accepting the goods, does not inspect or leave comments and does not fill in the packaging (consignment) violation act, and does not inform the Seller about the violations, the delivered goods are considered not to have noticeable defects (defects). (s) do not have hidden defects if the Buyer is aware of them or they are so obvious that any careful buyer would have noticed them without any special investigation or equipment (Article 6.333 of the CC of the Republic of Lithuania).
    4.11. If the Buyer’s shopping cart contains at least one product, the Seller of which cannot deliver the desired quantity to the Buyer within the terms specified in these Rules, the Seller shall immediately inform the Buyer at the e-mail address or telephone number specified in his e-purchase account and indicate the possible delivery time. If the buyer does not agree with the changed delivery term, he can cancel the order. In this case, the Seller shall, within 14 (fourteen) days from the cancellation of the order, return to the Buyer the amount paid under the previous order to the payer’s bank account specified by the Buyer at the time of submitting the respective order, from which payment for the order was made.
    5.1. These Rules set out the general conditions for using the E-Shop. They apply when the Buyer selects, orders and buys in the E-shop and otherwise uses the services provided by the E-shop.
    5.2. The Buyer is not given the opportunity to place an order for goods in the Electronic Store if he is not acquainted with the Rules and (or) does not agree with them. When the Buyer orders the goods in the Electronic Store, it is considered that the Buyer has read and unconditionally agreed with the Rules.
    5.3. The Seller does not assume any risk or responsibility and is unconditionally released from it if the Buyer has not read the Rules, even though he has been given such an opportunity.
    5.4. The Seller reserves the right to unilaterally change these Rules. When the Buyer makes a purchase in the E-Shop, the Rules in force at the moment of placing the order apply, therefore the Buyer is recommended to get acquainted with the Rules during each purchase.
    5.5. The Seller confirms that he is responsible for the sale of the goods ordered in the Electronic Store and the proper delivery of the purchased goods, the quality of the goods, the proper fulfillment of return conditions and the implementation of other rights and obligations of the seller provided by law.
    5.6. If the Buyer violates its obligations specified in these Rules, the Seller has the right to limit or terminate the Buyer’s access to the Electronic Store without prior notice.
    5.7. The seller reserves the right to restrict purchases with the characteristics of a wholesale purchase, i. y. The Seller has the right to refuse to accept and / or execute the Buyer’s order (s) when the Buyer orders unusually large quantities of goods in retail trade (regardless of whether the goods are ordered in one order or several orders placed in a relatively short time) and / or when the Buyer’s order (s) have other characteristics of a wholesale purchase.
    5.8. The Seller has the right to temporarily or permanently terminate the activities of the E-Shop without notifying the Buyer in advance.
    6.1. The characteristics of all goods sold in the E-shop are indicated in the product description attached to each item. If the Buyer wants to purchase goods in larger capacities than those provided in the e-shop, such actions are coordinated individually with each Buyer.
    6.2. The photos of the goods provided in the E-shop may not correspond to the actual appearance, color, configuration or shape of the goods and their packaging. The information in the product description is of a general nature and may not coincide with the information on the product packaging.
    6.3. The Seller is not responsible for the fact that the goods in the Online Store may not correspond in color, shape or other parameters to the actual size, shape and color of the goods due to the characteristics of the monitor used by the Buyer or other technical reasons, as well as reasonable appearance discrepancies. If the discrepancy in the color, size or shape of the goods is caused by the actions of the Seller or related third parties, then the Seller is responsible for possible discrepancies in the appearance of the goods.
    6.4. In cases where the legislation sets a certain shelf life for specific goods, the Seller undertakes to sell such goods to the Buyer in such a way that he has a real opportunity to use such goods before the end of the shelf life.
    6.5. The Buyer has the right to return to the Seller the goods ordered or purchased in the E-shop by canceling the concluded purchase and sale agreement. The procedure for returning the goods is described in the section: Return policy.
    6.7. If the Buyer withdraws from the purchase and sale agreement and returns the product that meets the quality requirements, the costs of returning (sending the goods to the Seller) shall be paid by the Buyer.
    6.8. The buyer loses the right to withdraw from the sales contract and return quality goods to the seller if:
    6.8.1. The deadline for returning the goods has passed.
    6.8.2. If the product has been used, the product has been damaged, the product has lost its commercial appearance, its packaging or containers have been damaged, or the incomplete product has been returned.
    6.9. If the Buyer returns a product that does not meet the quality requirements, the costs of returning (sending to the Seller) the product shall be paid by the Seller.
    6.10. Defects of the sold goods are eliminated, low-quality goods are replaced and returned in accordance with the requirements of the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
    6.11. In cases of return of goods specified in the Rules, the money paid shall be returned to the Buyer within 5 (five) working days from the date of receipt of the cancellation of the purchase and sale agreement and return of the goods by transferring the money to the Buyer’s (payer’s) bank account.
    6.13. The Seller is not obliged to reimburse the Buyer for additional costs incurred due to the fact that the Buyer has chosen a different delivery method than the one offered by the Seller.
    6.14. If there is a price difference when exchanging goods, the Buyer must pay the Seller according to the recalculated prices.
    7.1. The Seller shall send all notices, requirements, requests and other information to the Buyer at the e-mail address specified by him in the order form.
    7.2. The Seller is not responsible for any and all disruptions of the Internet connection, e-mail service providers’ networks, due to which the Buyer does not receive information or confirmation e-mails from the Seller.
    7.3. All notifications, requirements, requests and questions are sent by the Buyer by e-mail. email
    7.4. These Rules have been drawn up in accordance with the legal acts of the Republic of Lithuania.
    7.5. The law of the Republic of Lithuania shall apply to the relations arising on the basis of these Rules.
    7.6. All disagreements arising from the implementation of these Rules shall be resolved through negotiations. If no agreement is reached, disputes shall be settled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of Lithuania.
    7.7. Buyers understand that by continuing to use the Website after the privacy policy updates have been made, they agree to the changes made.
    8.1. You can submit a request / complaint regarding the product purchased in our e-shop to the State Consumer Rights Protection Service (Vilniaus St. 25, 01402 Vilnius, e-mail, tel. 8 5 262 67 51, fax 8 5 279 14 66 , website or fill in the application form on the EGS platform
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