Return policy

Pinus Amber 14 day money back guarantee

We guarantee that if the product you have purchased is not suitable for you, we will accept it within 14 days of purchase and refund 100% of the amount paid.


Return conditions:

  1. The goods may be returned within 14 calendar days from the date of purchase.
  2. Goods purchased in our online store with the help of pick-up courier, you can return Pinus AMBER by courier. You will need to complete a return document.
  3. The product must be returned to Vasario 16-osios st., 4A-9, LT-44250.
  4. The goods must be returned by courier. The customer is responsible for the transportation costs of the goods.
  5. The returned goods must be in the original packaging, unused, undamaged, preserved in its consumer properties and without losing the appearance of the goods.
  6. An invoice must be presented when returning the goods.
  7. The money will be transferred to the bank account specified by the customer, within 5 working days from the return of the goods.


The list of goods or services to be returned does not include:

  1. Delivery services.
  2. A product made or ordered according to the individual customer’s needs (eg varnish or impregnant with additives, thinners, desiccants).
  3. Goods that are broken, damaged, scratched or otherwise mechanically damaged due to the customer’s fault.


Delivery and collection of goods

After paying for the order, the employees of UAB LIVESTRA prepare your order and send it to the courier within 2-48 hours from the confirmation of the order. Your order for shipment and informs the customer about the unique number of the shipment, which can be tracked on the website of the shipment company to track the location of the shipment. We will inform you about the confirmation of the order in a separate e-mail. letter.

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