Varnish for wood of natural Baltic amber


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Product Description

Examples of how different types of wood react with varnish and (or) impregnant of natural Baltic amber

Lightest color – 1 time impregnated;
Darker – 2 times impregnated;
Darker than the latter – 2 times impregnated and 1 time varnished;
Darkest – 2 times impregnated and 2 times varnished;

Product description

Pinus Amber varnish / long-lasting, ecological varnish made of the natural Baltic amber.

The varnish is made only from the natural materials, protects the products from UV exposure, moisture, mould, wood pests; it is resistant to organic acids, sea water and algae, it has excellent adhesion, acts as an especially good antiseptic.

Purpose. For indoor and outdoor (IN THE SHADE) wooden surfaces, furniture, ships.

Colour. The varnish is a natural amber colour and it is not pigmented.

Gloss. Glossy.

Theoretical output. 12-15 m²/L for one layer.

Instructions for use. 

Tools: a brush, a sprayer, a roller.

Preparation of surface. Remove dust and dirt from the wooden surface. Clean the surface with white spirit or turpentine. Before varnishing over, apply amber impregnant Pinus Amber intended for wood on the untreated wooden surface.

Coating. First, coat the surface with amber impregnant Pinus Amber for wood, then apply 1-2 thin layers of the amber varnish. Before applying a new layer, lightly sand the previous one. Do not coat surfaces when the sun heats heavily, it is humid or cold. Plan the coating so that the surface of the coating would dry before the evening dew falls.

Drying time. Optimal drying time at 23 °C and 50 % relative humidity with very good ventilation: the dust does not stick after 5 hours; it can be touched after 8 hours. The second layer can be applied no earlier than after 24 hours. The varnish coating finally hardens after 14 days. Good ambient ventilation speeds up the drying process.

WE RECOMMEND ! The drying of our varnishes and impregnants is several times accelerated by UV (A) radiation lamps.

Danger of self-ignition! Cloths, paper towels, sanding dust, etc. soaked in the product may self- ignite after a few hours, so before disposal they must be immersed in water in a closed metal container, dried outdoors or immediately burned.

Dilution and cleaning of the tools. Dilute Pinus Amber products with turpentine. Clean tools with white spirit or tool cleaner.

Environment protection and waste management. Do not allow the varnish to enter drainage, surface or ground water, or soil. Recycle or dispose the empty dry package in accordance with the requirements of legislation regulating waste management. The residues of the product must be disposed in accordance with the requirements of legislation regulating waste management.

Storage. The product is frost resistant. Close the package thoroughly immediately after use. The date of manufacture and the expiry date are indicated on the package. For more information, see in the product data sheet

Content of volatile organic compound (VOC). The EU maximum VOC content (subcategory A /) is 500 g/L. The maximum VOC content in the product is 500 g/L. There dominates natural pinene in the composition.

Caution! Flammable liquid and vapour may cause drowsiness or dizziness. Harmful to aquatic organisms, may cause long-term adverse effects in the aquatic environment. It may cause an allergic reaction, so there are recommended protective gloves when working. Keep out of the reach and sight of children. If medical advice is needed, you should have a product container or a label. Avoid breathing mist / vapours / aerosols. Use outdoors or in well-ventilated premises. Keep away from sparks or open flames. Do not smoke. Avoid release to the environment.

Manufacturer. UAB LIVESTRA, Molėtų pl. 172, Jadvygiškiai k., Vilnius raj., Lithuania

Additional Information

Weight 1.25 kg
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 15 cm
Talpa / Volume / Volumen

500 ml, 1 L, 3 L

Material and Safety Data Sheet

  1. MSDS varnish for Wood
  2. Pinus Amber Products Prospectus